Who We Are

     What started as a friendship between two quickly became a community of skaters, travelers, cyclists, artists, explorers, snowboarders, musicians and overall life enthusiasts.  Anyone and everyone who has that eternal drive to get out there and experience life openly and with optimism; to create something that is your own, to connect with others and give back and to follow your passion while sharing it with the world.



     In February we traveled to Cuba to connect with the local skate community through the universal language of skateboarding.  To this day there are no shops or any direct access to skate gear or product and by partnering with Amigo Skate Cuba we were able to bring over 700 donated skateboards to Havana.

     We hosted a contest at the local park and distributed product as well as funded the next phase of the of the skatepark rebuild while working side by side with the locals.

     We returned one year later with more gear, resources and excitement to continue building lasting bondswith friends and continue working together, inspiring one another, amidst the differing political climates of our home countries.  Click the image above for the full recap!

Cross Country

     In 2013 we toured and camped across America by way of bicycles.  The journey took about 9 months and we stopped in dozens of major cities and towns nationwide.  Being immersed in the skate community, we connected with locals in each place to learn and experience the culture. 

     We teamed up with activists and together facilitated contests, DIY builds and lessons for kids.  This trip was a pivotal moment in our lives as it showed us the universal language and bond between skateboarders of all ages, nationalities and upbringings.  Not just limited to skateboarding, we were able to connect with a broad range of demographics all over the country.  Click the image above for the full recap!